Orchid Growing Tips

Orchid Growing Tips – Anybody Can Do

Growing indoor orchids is such a fulfilling activity for everybody that is why using some of the most effective orchid growing tips can make this activity even more enjoyable and easier to do even for beginners like you. When these plants Orchid Growing Tips  are taken cared and maintained well, you can expect a lot of vibrant looking blooms in less time.

These orchid growing tips can be of little use if you’re not able to follow it diligently. It is important that you give so much emphasis on every little detail about these exotic plants to produce more blooming flowers inside your home from time Orchid Growing Tips to time. It is best to know the specific type of orchids you want to grow because one type requires different degree of care from other orchid species.

To follow the orchid growing tips for beginners, here are some important things you need to know Orchid Growing Tips.

There is a right time in the day for you to place your orchids in sunlight. Orchids usually thrive best when they are exposed to sunlight for at least six hours Orchid Growing Tips but that still depends on the type of orchid that you have. The recommended amount of exposure is around 12 hours but you have to be sure that it is not direct but indirect. Direct sunlight can burn the leaves of some variety of orchids.

Too much water for orchids is a common mistake for beginners. Instead of watering the orchids, you can drown them. Most orchids tolerate moisture in the air but the orchids that are being grown on trees often receive water raining on them. The worst thing for orchid plants is too much drainage. If you grow them on a mountain side, you’ll see that the mountain side often gets a lot of heavy rain and after this, the soil will be soaked with water for several days. For these reasons, you should avoid placing the orchids in an exposed but shallow pot.

Your orchids need special fertilizers. You can buy orchid fertilizers from your local nursery or you could try homemade fertilizers. As mentioned earlier, you Orchid Growing Tips  have to seek for the best one for the type of orchids that you have.

A good amount of sun light. Orchids are easily damaged by the sun but they still need that delicate touch of sunlight to turn their food into their own vitamins. If you want to grow them outside, you need to care for them this way; and, indoors, you’ll need to place them in a spot where they can still receive sunlight.

Not enough air in the room. When you have a very small room, orchids can suffer from the lack of air because they use up a lot of energy to process the nutrients. It is important to keep the area around the orchids free of non-fresh air and dust.

The wrong temperatures. Orchids do not like cold temperatures. If the room is too cold, you should keep it ventilated and make sure you have enough fresh air. But, the perfect temperature for them is not too cool nor too hot.

Different orchid types have different requirements. The types of orchids like Cymbidiums and epidendrums need a lot of water and can be nice to look at but they also need the soil to be moist. If such conditions are not available, you could try watering them with a spray bottle or an ice cube tray. Make sure you keep the roots and the tops of the leaves moist. If the leaves and roots are dry, the orchid may not be able to survive. Moth orchids do not like dry soil or any kind of low humidity.

A few more things to note…

* If you are re-potting your orchids, be sure to use the right sized pots or they will not be able to grow properly.

* If you are thinking of moving your orchids to the front hall, you may want to leave the orchid plants in their pots for a while to get used to the new environment. Once they get used to it, they will grow better.

* If you are putting your orchids on your patio, you will need to be sure to make some “holes” in the patio to allow the air to move in and out of the orchid area. This will help the orchids to grow properly.

* If you are going to be potted in the ground, yet you don’t want an elaborate garden set up, you can actually insert a stick to make the needed holes. Then, when you pack the soil, the stick will remain in the ground and the dirt will not fall out.

* During the summer months, you will need to water your orchids more than usual. สล็อตเว็บตรง